Common Queries and Questions

Here we answer most common questions that every user face at some stage of use of their mobile devices.

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Will my repair cause data loss on my device?

Sometimes certain damage to your electronic device may cause data loss. Also certain types of repairs might require complete reset of your device. It is advisable that you keep a copy of your data (e.g. Contacts, Messages, Applications, Pictures etc.) on your PC or in a Cloud service.

My phone fell into the water. What should I do?

Liquid damage is one of the most common reasons of failure of mobile devices. In order to help with successfull repair it is necessary that user will follow these steps immediatelly after finding the device wet:

  • Disconnect all power sources.
  • Remove battery (if it is possible).
  • Remove all user removable covers.
  • Do not plug it in to charge or try another battery.
  • Bring it in as soon as possible.